Seasons & Flavours

I am pleased to offer a delightful variety of seasonal flavours sourced from local producers or grown at home. Flavours stemming from my Latin heritage of Venezuela and Colombia are available all year round and can be combined with British seasonal flavours for a unique taste experience.

My fresh edible decorations are updated to reflect the time of year, with more dry and pressed flowers and foliage incorporated into my designs during the autumn and winter months, adding an elegant touch to every cake.

As each cake is bespoke and made to order, I finalise the flavour combination during the design process to ensure a personalised experience that delights your taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

I have a variety of available flavours for each season, as well as my signature flavour cakes, to inspire your flavour combinations.


Spring & Summer

In spring and summer I use flavours such strawberry, elderflower, mint, lemon verbena, raspberry, hawthorn flowers, plum, damson and rose.


Edible Flowers

Edible flowers and foliage include, sweet cicely, nasturtiums, borage, roses, violas and calendulas.


Autumn & Winter

My autumn and winter flavours include, apple, pear, pumpkin, rose hip, hawthorn berry, damson and carrot.

Signature Cake Flavours


English Orchard
Fiesta apple sponge cake with infused arequipe (Venezuelan caramel) buttercream


Spiced Autumn
Pumpkin sponge cake with gentle warm spices paired with a honeyed cream cheese buttercream


Foraged Hedgerows
Rosehip and orange spiced sponge with homemade hedgerow jelly and rosehip-infused buttercream


Venezuelan Berry
Dark Venezuelan chocolate sponge, filled with homemade blackberry or raspberry jam and Mili Mendez signature buttercream


Honey Pear
Rosehip or hawthorn flavoured sponge, filled with a pear sauce and raw honeyed cream


Colombian Indulgence
Rich Colombian coffee sponge paired with a homemade arequipe buttercream


Tropical Delight
Delicate coconut sponge and buttercream filled with a homemade passion fruit curd