Cacao Vintages

Like fine wines and their vintages we believe that each harvest of cacao has its own unique flavour profile and therefore a similar concept of vintage can be used.

There are two harvests each year which happen in July (1st harvest) when the pods are at their ripest and November which is the principal crop and what we call the 2nd Harvest.

As we bring more of our wonderful cacao you will be able to see the different tasting notes associated with each vintage. Each harvest and associated vintage has a limited number of raw cacao bars available for purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our sourcing, quality, and purchasing options.

What is cacao paste and why don't you sell beans?

There are many companies offering 'bean to bar' products and while this has benefits for the farmers it is bringing very little in the way of other employment in developing nations. Cacao paste is a versatile and high quality product that has been processed by our partners in Venezuela thus providing more opporutiunities for employment. Additionally cacao beans are sprayed with all manner of chemicals before they are shipped to their destinations and by creating the paste in the country of origin we are avoiding this chemical process.

What is fine flavour Cacao?

There has been a surge of interest in cacao in recent months especially in the media. Very often these products are claimed to be fine flavour, traceable cacao but unfortunately they are not. The definition of fine flavor cacao is stipulated in Article 2.2. of the International Cocoa Agreement 2010 (Ammended): Fine flavour cacao is characterised by a complex sensory profile, composed of well-balanced basic attributes with aromatic and flavour notes; the complementary attributes can be clearly perceived and identified in the expression of its aromas and flavours; it results from the interaction between (a) a particular genetic composition, (b) favourable growing conditions in a given environment/terroir, (c) specific plantation management techniques, (d) specific harvesting and post-harvest practices and (e) stable chemical and physical composition, and integrity of the bean.

What are Criollo beans and why are they important?

Criollo cacao currently makes up just 0.01% of all the cacao grown in the world. Criollo is a very rare and precious variety of cacao that was at risk of extinction for many years. It is the cacao of the Mayas and the Aztecs, the cultivation of which has been progressively abandoned owing to its low yield.

What is your sourcing process?

We source our cacao directly from a single estate in Venezuela that we have visited and we work directly with the owner and producer to ensure full traceability.

What is the quality of your Cacao?

Our cacao is of the highest grade (fine flavour) and carefully selected for its exceptional flavour and aroma. It is from a single estate and comes with certificates of authenticity.  Mili has also been to the farm herself.

What do you mean by "fully traceable"?

I have personally visited the Hacienda “ El Milagro” where the cacao is grown and I work on a direct trade basis with the farmer and owner. Merida is my home town, and it is to my advantage and benefit to be able to follow every step that the cacao takes from the tree to the cacao paste bar. My regular visits to Venezuela ensure full transparency and traceability of the product.

What purchasing options do you offer?

We offer various purchasing options, including large orders (up to 500 kilos) and customised packages. We can offer shipping direct to your place of business.

Can I request a sample?

Yes, we provide samples upon request to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we ship our cacao worldwide to meet the needs of our global customers.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in making a purchase.