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About Me



I have always dreamed of making beautiful, delicious cakes for a living. So I decided to make the jump from the property world and finally launch Mili Mendez Cakes.

My passion for cake making began at an early age in my home town of Merida, Venezuela.

I was always lending a hand when my mother would make celebration cakes and between licking spoons and tasting icing I learned about quality ingredients and the magic of good baking.

By the time I was twelve I was already baking my own creations and amazing my friends and teachers with delicious biscuits and cakes for them to try.

When I moved to the United Kingdom, sixteen years ago, I had to give my baking skills a rest while I studied hard and built a career in the property industry. But baking was never far away from my heart and while celebrating Easter and making a traditional Simnel cake I realised that my passion lay in creating beautiful, great tasting cakes for all occasions.

I have never forgotten my Venezuelan roots and many of the ingredients I use and creations that I make contain influences found in the exotic fruits and flavours from that region. Venezuelan cacao (Cocoa) is some of the best in the world, a fact I am very proud of, and I endeavour to use Venezuelan cacao in my recipes.

While Venezuela features in my creations I have embraced Britain as my home and love to use seasonal fruits and flavours that are found here throughout the year. It is the combination of these locally produced ingredients and the unique, distinctive Venezuelan flavours that make the perfect basis for the most wonderful, creative cakes you could wish for.

Get in touch now to order your special, bespoke celebration cake or try one of my seasonal creations, because there never is a bad time to eat cake.

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